• 1 Preparation before the health check-up

    1. Please keep fasting state since the night before the health check-up ( PM 12:00 ) ( including water and chewing gum, etc. ).
    2. If you use the anti-hypertensive drug ordinarily, you can take this agent in the morning of check-up as usual ( small amount of water does not affect the results of examination ). The diabetic drug ( oral route or insulin injection ) users do not take or inject medicine on the same day but would be sure to bring them to our health center. The medicine can be taken after the examinations of fasting status are completed and shown to the doctor for reference.
    3. Please do not wear contact lenses on the day of check-up
    4. The examinations including X -ray, pap smear, trans-vaginal ultrasound and gastrointestinal endoscopy should not be arranged for women who are pregnant or who are suspected to be pregnant.
  • 2 The things you should bring on the day of check-up

    1. "Stool sample collection bottle" ( if items of check-up include stool examination )
    2. "Health Questionnaire" Please fill in the questinnaire in the correct way and completed before the check-up . If you fill in the error, you can use the eraser or white-out liquid to correct it.
    3. Please read the contents and fill in the instructions of the endoscopic examination of the upper and lower digestive tract, the consent form for endoscopic examination of upper and lower digestive tract, the consent form of self-paid items in endoscopic examinations, the" consent form of the anesthesia "and " the consent form of personal information offer ".
    4. "identity card", "health Insurance card" or "driver's license", the personal identity certificate of the photograph for verification of identity on the day of check-up.
  • 3 Other precautions

    1. Female client avoids to take a underwear, which may affect most examinations. After wearing a health check clothes , you can carry a jacket and it can be ready for use.
    2. If you want to cancel or change the schedule , please inform us by telephone call three days before the date of check-up. Besides, please tell us If you are a vegetarian or have an allergy to some food.
    3. The report will be provided within 14 working days after the health check-up is completed.
    4. The report is sent only to the island of Taiwan ( and outlying Islands region ) mainly. If you require to receive it in other countries, overseas postage need to be charged additionally. ( It is recommended that you provide e-mail address for sending an electronic file report ).
    5. We provide payment methods such as cash and credit card
  • 1 Fill in the information

    1. Please write the name and other basic data on the label then unscrew the bottle cap and pull it up.
  • 2 Scraping the stool sample

    1. Collect the specimen of feces in the form of scraping and let the amount of specimen is enough to cover the scraping slot.
  • 3 Complete sampling

    1. Insert the scraping stick into the bottle , then press the cap to make it close and put the bottle into the special plastic bag for stool collection.
  • 1 Three days before check-up

    1. You can eat rice, vermicelli,toast, white bread, Skinned Fish Fillet, Steamed Egg(without filling), Sponge cake,pudding, Clear soup, pulp-free juice.
    2. Do not eat dairy products, vegetables, fruit, whole grain,nuts,high fiber foods,etc.
  • 2 The day before check-up

    1. Please take the laxative at 17:00 pm; after eating the Laxative, don't eat food, you can only take in water.
  • 3 on the day of check-up

    1. Please take the laxative at 04:00 in the morning; Remember, it is forbidden to take in water after 06:00 in the morning.

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