Harvard Health Clinic

'Min-Sheng Medical System' provides holistic health services, including preventive medicine, health check, disease treatment, long-term care, community health care, etc. It will develop towards regenerative medicine, precision medicine, and digital medicine in the future

'ShareHopeMedicine Co., Ltd.' is the first company in the country to provide integrated medical logistics services, including cloud procurement, medical material manufacturing, preventive medicine, medical supply and other businesses

'Pregetic Medical Health Co.,Ltd' is a subsidiary of ShareHope Group, which includes 'Harvard Health Clinic' and 'Harvard Health Management Center'

Harvard Health Clinic upholds the 'Min-Sheng Medical System' to provide holistic health services. Promote the concept of health risk management, promote the importance of preventive medicine, and incorporate genetic testing to assess the risk of disease into one part of the whole person's health, and protect your health through diversified medical care methods.

Harvard Health Clinic to protect your health